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Top 10 Attractions in Tokyo

10. Mount Fuji

Guys, volcanoes are so hot right now. Even though it’s located southwest of the city, we couldn’t keep the tallest mountain (technically, active volcano) in all of Japan off our Top Ten Tokyo attractions! The majestic Mt. Fuji stands 12,388 feet/3,776 meters tall and the pilgrimage to the peak is inescapably unforgettable—we’re sure you’ll have a blast. The views are spectacular but the climbing season is short (July & August). Remember travelers: a little more altitude, a little less attitude.

9. Odaiba

Looking for an escape from the buzzing city without getting too far from your hotel (a.k.a. bed)? Odaiba is an interesting hotspot located on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay across the Rainbow Bridge (known for it’s rainbow lights, of course). The island hosts all sorts of entertaining events like beach volleyball, music festivals, and beer fests. There’s also Gundam Front Tokyo anime theme park and Onsen hot spring theme park on the island—what’s not to love? Get out there and say bay to your stress.

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8. The Imperial Palace

Join the elite at our next Top 10 Tokyo landmark, the utterly exclusive Imperial Palace. Home to the Japanese Imperial Family, the palace is a must-see—even if only peeking through the garden gates—for travelers and is conveniently located in the center of Tokyo. While the inner grounds and buildings are only open to the public on December 23rd (Emperor’s birthday bash) and January 2nd (Japanese New Year), visitors can still take guided tours of the palace grounds—lucky us! Open 9 AM – 5 PM Tues – Thurs and Sat – Sun.   

7. Tokyo Disneyland

Get ready to get your inner Mickey Mouse on, travelers! Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to be built outside the United States and the only one not owned by Disney, so it’s especially unique (cough, hipsters). Explore the four main parks: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, and Tommorowland or meander through the World Bazaar—the magic is everywhere! Maybe you’ll even see Peter Pan flying around, rumor has it he neverlands… in this magical Top 10 Tokyo attraction. Open Mon – Fri 9 AM – 10 PM and Sat – Sun 8 AM – 10 PM. 

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6. National Western Art Museum

Attention all art-loving travelers: the National Western Art Museum houses a breath-taking collection of absolutely wonderful art. Located in Ueno prefecture, the former capital of Japan, this incredible Top 10 Tokyo museum features stunning exhibits of impressionist and modern art. Don’t miss the Golden Legend exhibit, thought to don one of the greatest and most formidable jewelry collections of all time (now that’s impressive). Come gaze at the jewels and feel those cultured vibes. Open Tues – Sun 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM and until 8 PM Fri. 

5. Tokyo Tower

Soaring 333 meters into the sky is the Tokyo Tower, inspired by the gorgeous Eiffel Tower (with some Japanese flare). But this Top 10 Tokyo attraction isn’t just for looks—inside  is a four-story building known as “FootTown,” which houses shops, restaurants, and even an aquarium. Oh, and there’s also the Guinness World Record Museum, a wax museum, and an amusement park! How did they fit so many amazing things into one tower?! Maybe you’ll find the answer in the optical illusion art gallery… Open daily 9 AM – 11 PM.  

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4. National Museum

Can you believe two amazing museums exist in one city? Well, you probably can, but we’re going to brag about them anyway. The Tokyo National Museum, established in 1872, is the oldest Japanese museum and one of the in the oldest in the world! This fabulous Top 10 Tokyo landmark is believed to hold the largest Japanese art collection (think of it as grandpa art). Showcasing over 110,000 objects, come spend all day soaking in the history of each piece. Open daily 9:30 AM – 5 PM with last admission at 4:30 PM. 

3. Ueno Park

If you love the energy oozing out of Central Park, Ueno Park is the place for you. The park is home to the Tokyo National Museum, the Ueno Zoo, the Ueno Station, the Shinanbazu Pond, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and the National Western Art Museum—basically a bunch of amazing things all in one place! Did we mention the park itself is magnificent? Easily accessed from Ueno Station, this place will keep you entertained no matter your agenda. Open daily 5 AM – 11 PM. 

2. Meiji Jingu

Nestled deep in the heart of Tokyo rests a slice of heaven in the midst of a chaotic world. The immaculate gardens, surrounding woods, and stunning shrine offer peace and tranquility and an escape from the urban experience. The shrine is a popular location for Japanese weddings and it’s not unusual to see one while you are there—you can literally feel the love (and not just tonight). Early birds: get a jumpstart on your adventures and tour before the sun for especially magical moments. Open daily 5 AM – 6 PM.

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1. Shinjuku Gyoen

Stealing the number one spot for our Top Ten Tokyo attractions is Shinjuku Gyoen, the gem of the city. This “all season garden” features adorable cherry blossom trees and is enchantingly always in bloom. Stroll through the garden and appreciate the wonder of nature. The grounds fill up with locals and travelers alike hoping to soak in the sun and some of that flower power. Come lie in the grass and let your love for Tokyo, well, bloom.   

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