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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Tokyo

10. Tokyo Biking

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The results are in: the best way to see Tokyo is on top of two wheels. The name for a “roadster” type bicycle and those typically used within Tokyo is called a “mamachari,” which means “mom’s bicycle” but don’t worry folks—it’s fun for all ages. Top 10 Tokyo Biking tours offers both a historical tour and a city center tour so you can choose your own adventure. The best part? They are accepted as “luggage” on busses, trains, so you can take break from all that peddling! Reservations available online.

9. MOL Ferry

All aboard, travelers! Japan is made of 4 main islands: Honshu; Kyushu, Hokkaido, and Shikoku which are connected by bridges and tunnels, but the country actually consists of thousands of small islands too! So naturally, there are tons of water travel options but check out the Sunflower ferry—sailed by the MOL Ferry CO. and traveling from Tokyo all over Japan! You can rest on a mat or eat the wonderful food provided while you float on to new adventures. Tickets bookable online in English. 

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8. Rickshaw

Get ready for a quirky and entertaining travel experience! Rickshaws are quaint little carts you sit in and are pulled by (you guessed it) real people! Though the traditional rickshaw pullers were lower-level workers, the occupation has rolled back into style in the last few decades and the task is now taken on by hunky, intelligent tour guides. The carts are run by individual vendors so keep your eye out for the red color and simply flag one down. Let a lovely local pull you around the city. 

7. Tokai Kisen

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Alright thrill-seeking travelers, is a leisurely ferry ride not your style? Boy oh boy do we have something for you! Speeding onto our Top Ten Tokyo cruises is Tokai Kisen Co., a company boasting not one but four high-speed jet ferries! These colorfully painted party barges zoom around the Seven Islands at lightening speed (well, maybe not that fast, but really fast). See the islands of Japan as a blur from the side of a speeding boat. Tickets bookable online in English.

6. Subway & Train


The most practical way to explore the giant city is through the Tokyo subway and train system—it might be a snooze fest but it is incredibly efficient, we’ll give it that! Your best move is to purchase an “IC” card. The IC card for Tokyo is either a Suica card (found at JR stations) or Pasmo card (non-JR stations). Price of the tickets varies depending on the number of days’ use but starting around 800 yen. Not too shabby for a fast and clean ride! 

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5. Cogi Cogi

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If you’re feeling like biking but not feeling like putting in much effort, Cogi Cogi has got you covered. An easy choice for our Top Ten Tokyo electric bike rentals, this trendy company offers locations all over the city! Simply register online, find a hub, take a bike, and put it back into any hub you want. All the bikes come with an electric motor assist for when your traveling feet grow weary. Hipsters: bike sharing is an economical and modern approach to travel, so get with this quirky two-wheeled trend.

4. EXCEL Helicopter

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Flying: takeoff is optional, landing is mandatory. If you prefer to see the sights while looking down rather than up, EXCEL Helicoptor Cruising can make that happen. Offering daytime and nighttime tours around Tokyo, the charming guides and fun-loving atmosphere are sure to make for an entertaining experience. Be an efficient traveler and see the entire city within the span of 30 minutes—boom, trip complete! Daytime flights leave at 3:30/4 PM and nighttime flights leave at 8:15/8:45 PM. 

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3. Tokyo Supercars

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Racing on to our Top Ten Tokyo car rentals is one of the sleekest options in Japan: Tokyo Supercars. That’s right travelers, we know you really came to Tokyo to pretend to be in the Fast and the Furious, so we thought we’d help you out. Offering an impressive selection of Ferraris, Porsches, and Roadsters, you’ll be able to pick your dream car and drive straight into your wildest dreams. Rent the car and zoom around or be escorted by a knowledgeable local—either way you’ll be in mega-style. Rentals available online.

2. Paddle Boats


Ahh take a deep breath travelers—this is one of the most leisurely activities imaginable, Top 10 Tokyo paddle boat rentals. If you’re meandering around the parks and come across Inokashira Pond, you simply must take a moment to paddle through the waves in an adorable, swan-shaped paddleboat. The gentle boats make for an entertaining (and precious) experience all while surrounded by the beauty of the park. And a word to the wise: if your paddleboat gets sick, take it to the doc right away!

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1. Shinkansen


If you blink, you will literally miss this amazing form of transportation easily claiming our number one spot for Top 10 Tokyo transportation. Named the “bullet train” for its great speed, this train system is used for transportation outside the city to neighboring suburbs and other cities, like Osaka, and other major stops on Honshu Island. The conventional trains travel at a leisurely 200 mph while the record-breakers can reach 375 mph—now that’s fast. If you’ve got a need for speed, hop on the Shinkansen. Trains run 24/7. 

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