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Top 10  Restaurants in Tokyo

10. Tonki

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Dive into our Top Ten Tokyo restaurants at Tonki, an eatery known for the best Tonkatsu (breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet) in the city! Located in Meguro, this family-run eatery is absolutely worth the short trip from central Tokyo and offers an extraordinary cultural experience to compliment its delectable cuisine. With diners all situated around the chef and kitchen space, the restaurant allows its patrons to literally see their food being created in front of their eyes…and with that iris my case on Tonki. Open daily 4 PM – 10:45 PM.

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9. Il Ristorante Luca Fantin

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Sushi, ramen… pasta? One of these things is not like the others, but while visiting in Japan, travelers can enjoy world-class Italian food at Il Ristorante Luca Fantin. Located in the Bulgari Tokyo resort, this Michelin award-winning restaurant will offer diners European comfort foods with Japanese efficiency. Enjoy a classic Italian vintage from the sommelier’s wine list to accompany the delectable ravioli or risotto, but whatever meal you choose, make sure to leave room for desert! Open for lunch Mon – Fri 11:30 AM – 2PM, Sat – Sun 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, and dinner Mon – Sat 6 PM – 9 PM.

8. Kaikaya

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Next on our list of Top 10 Tokyo cafes is Kaikaya by the Sea, a fusion restaurant where tastes from the east and west collide! Located in Shibuya, Kaikaya is known for its amazingly fresh seafood, where sashimi can shine alongside European inspired filets on a diverse and seasonal menu. With this blend of cultures and cuisines, Kaikaya by the Sea is a popular dining spot for locals and tourists alike. Open Monday-Friday 11:30 AM-11:30 PM and weekends 6 PM-11:30 PM.

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7. Cedros

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For the western travelers who want some familiar food in the foreign land, look no further than Cedros. Located in Shibuya, this American-style Top 10 Tokyo restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and a seasonal menu with comforting delicacies such as the lobster risotto, classic crab cakes, and the quintessential American side, mashed potatoes. With the great amenities and comforts that Cedros offers, travelers may even forget that they are abroad for a few hours…until they step back outside, of course! Open daily 6 PM – 10 PM. 

6. Kanda

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Alright travelers, this is the Top Ten Tokyo restaurant with the most Michelin-stars: a whopping three! This place and it’s world renowned chefs cater each plate to the desires of the customer—flavors, portions, everything! Each plate is paired with wonderful wine and sake matched perfectly with the tones of the dish. Kanda delivers a magical eating experience each by waving a magic wanda. Open daily for dinner 5:30 PM – 10 PM. 

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5. Tapas Molecular Bar

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If you’re seeking exclusivity, how about a restaurant with only eight seats?! Located in Chuo prefecture, this bar/restaurant combo is a true testament to Japanese cuisine with a molecular flare. The Michelin-star winning chef is a pioneer in the field of molecular cuisine and is continuously pushing out the most creative plates you’ll find. But that’s not all: this Top 10 Tokyo restaurant also features the latest and greatest in mixology development. It couldn’t be more trendy, travelers. Open daily for lunch 1 PM – 3:30 PM and supper 6 PM – 12 AM.

4. Hakushu

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An easy choice for our Top Ten Tokyo restaurants is Hakushu, serving up some of the most succulent (and reasonably priced) Kobe beef in town. Located just near the Shibuya Station, this quaint, family owned restaurant is a real Tokyo treasure! Seating only about 20 people and offering perfectly crafted sushi alongside their to-die-for meat menu, Hakushu makes for an extraordinary experience. Come meat your new favorite restaurant. Open daily 5:30 PM – 11 PM. 

3. Ichiran

MAP   MENU   +81 3-3463-3667

Absolutely the best ramen you will ever eat in your entire life (and that’s not an exaggeration)! Conveniently located just steps away from Shibuya Station and delicious every time, Ichiran is the one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Tokyo.  Their goal isn’t to change the menu: it’s to deepen the flavor of each and every bowl, meaning their dishes have been refined over years! Talk about flavor development, the lovely people at Ichiran have nailed it. Open 24 hours daily. 

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2. Sushi Dai

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If sushi is how you roll, you won’t want to miss this Top 10 Tokyo sushi bar! Sushidai always has a line forming around the block, despite the hours (that’s how you know it’s ground-breaking). This is a Tokyo must, and who knows, you might even find your soymate here! If you do, here’s an ice breaker for you: "What did the sushi say to the bee? Wassabee!" You're welcome. Open daily 5 AM – 2 PM. 

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1. Tsukiji


Swimming onto our list is Tsukiji the former site of world’s largest fish market. The restaurants that still occupy the site are known for its rare and exotic varieties, go ahead and try that swordfish, it’s probably yummy, right? It is a crowded and popular sight but a must see while in Tokyo. The place fills up fast, so plan to get there early. The parking isn’t bad, but they cod do batter. Open Mon – Sat 5 AM – 12 PM. 

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