Top 10 Shopping in Tokyo

10. Kagurazaka


Kicking off our Top Ten Tokyo shopping is Kagurazaka: the gorgeous French Quarter of Tokyo. A few stops from Shinjuku station and a stroll from the Iidabashi Station, you will find a plethora of hand-milled textiles made originally for formal kimonos, hand made wooden shoes, and other ancient and authentic fares. These treasures tell the unique story of ancient Japanese fashion—making them fascinating and well worth the effort! Stroll along the street and gaze at the beauty of ancient Japan. 

9. Akihabara


Known as Tokyo’s electronics hub—Akihabara is an innovative and progressive shopping area of Tokyo. Here you will find the top-of-the-line models in all things electronic. Check out the Akihabara Radio Center for super-cool gadgets. The Top 10 Tokyo shopping district is also known to cater to the geek, offering the latest and greatest in devices at the Mandarake Complex. Explore this culture of artists and artistic centers found under the trains—a little something for everyone in Akihabara. 

8. Shinjuku


Alright determined shoppers: if you’re on a mission to find some Japanese fashion, head to Shinjuku home to many of Japan’s major department stores. Boasting shops like Iseton, Don Quixote, or Ram King Ram Queen, you’ll be totally covered in style. At first entry, it can be a little overwhelming (it is a major Top 10 Tokyo shopping complex) but have no fear, the area is chock-full of little cafés and restaurants offering a space where you can decompress.  Be sure to check out Disk Union, an eight-story building filled with used CDs—amazing!

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7. Harajuku & Aoyama


Attention traveling youths! These trendy twin neighborhoods are home to the high-end youth shopping tour—how neat! Made famous by the Harajuku girls (and boys), these two Top 10 Tokyo shopping neighborhoods are packed with the most fabulous and modern fashions for today’s youth.  Everything from super classy to total bohemian, you can find everything you need to be the coolest kid in school. Even home to some very excellent second hand stores!

6. Shimokitazawa

Okay, so maybe you aren’t technically a youth, but you aren’t really feeling like an adult. Well, Shimokitazawa is where young adults (who don’t really know how to adult) hang out, eat, play, and shop, so you will fit right in, travelers. Offering a variety of quality second-hand and vintage shopping, cool off-beat bars, eats, and coffee shops—it’s pretty much a hipster hotspot. Don’t miss the up-and-coming art galleries offering works from local artists. Get out of the mainstream and get into the trends before they’re trends. 

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5. Shibuya


Apparently, you can do very well with shopping as a young traveler here in Tokyo. The teenage choice for our Top 10 Tokyo shopping is Shibuya, another hot spot for teenage ware in Japan. This area is known to be cheap, trendy, fun, and full of action—it’s the place to be. You might feel a little out of your league if you’re over 30, but don’t worry, being in that atmosphere will make you feel young, right? 

4. Daikanyama & Nakameguro

If you have a passion for fashion, come check out these neighboring Top 10 Tokyo shopping clusters nestled in Tokyo residential caves. Cluttered with upscale designer and bohemian boutiques, the two centers are located just a hop and a skip from each other and hit each end of the fashion spectrum. Diakanyama, the higher end of the two, can be found just near Ebisu. Naka Meguro, just a few blocks away, offers vintage wares, second-hand stores, and more bohemian designs. This area is truly a fashionista’s dream!

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3. Roppongi

Romping on to our Top 10 Tokyo shopping is Roppongi—an amazing up-and-coming area of Tokyo. The Roppongi neighborhood is mostly known for its extraordinary and cutting edge cooking, bars, and nightlife. However, this area is also becoming acclaimed for its upscale architecture, art, interior design, and the production and sale of samurai weaponry. You read that right, travelers. Samurai weaponry. Come get your inner warrior on at Roppongi (just make sure your new toy doesn’t slice through your suitcase on the way home). 

2. Asakusa


Home to many windy roads and small, curious shops, Asakusa is where you will find the most unusual demonstration of native crafts and artisan gifts and toys.  Try Namasaka-dori for gorgeous gift buying, but for unique and culturally rich trinkets and souvenirs, try your luck at the vendors on the side streets on your way up to Senso-ji. On the long stretch of Kappabashi-dori, you'll find a number of quality of Japanese culinary supply stores and an extraordinary variety of little shops that are ultra-unique.  

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1. Ginza


Gracing the number one spot on our Top 10 Tokyo shopping is a world all its own—The Ginza. On the main streets, you'll find all the top designers, from Hanae Mori to Mitsukoshi and Dover Street Market. Beyond the main street, you'll find boutiques selling fine local arts, crafts, pottery, fabrics, and all sorts of eclectic artistic modalities. Be sure to check out Ginza Wako, a landmark building recognizable by its clock tower where you can peruse a bevy of luxury items. Be prepared to shop ‘til you drop!

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