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Top 10 Hotels in Tokyo

10. Shingawa Prince

MAP   SITE   +81 3-3440-1111

Get ready for an unforgettably entertaining stay, travelers! Kicking off our Top 10 Tokyo lodging is the Shingawa Prince Hotel of Tokyo—a massive high-rise plump full of fun. The building houses 11 restaurants (yes, this one goes all the way to eleven!), a karaoke lounge, an aquarium, and a movie theater. All that crazy stuff, right in your hotel! It’s centrally located and super accessible, making for a smooth and convenient stay. Check in 2 PM, check out 11 AM. 

9. Millennium Mitsui Garden

MAP   SITE   +81 3-3549-3331

This gorgeous gem isn’t just for millenials—the Millennium Mitsui Garden is a classy, upscale Top 10 Tokyo hotel located in the heart of the Ginza.  Everything is literally steps away—shopping, food, and atmosphere galore! The hotel is only a short stroll from the famous Tsujiki fish market (but there’s nothing fishy about how awesome it is). Service is exceptional, hotel is modern, fun is guaranteed. Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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8. Park Hyatt Tokyo

MAP   SITE   +81 3-5322-1234

As with all Hyatt hotels, Tokyo’s is no exception: it’s exceptional! Service is extraordinary, food delicious, and accommodations top notch. Located in the Shinjuku prefecture, its second to none in both location and class. This trendy establishment boasts some incredible views of Mt. Fuji (one of our Top Ten Tokyo attractions!) and houses some of the finest Japanese eateries around. Here's a quip to keep the bellhop gigglin'—why did the man run screaming from the hotel? Because he was afraid of Hyatts. Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM.  

7. Hotel Century Southern Tower

MAP   SITE   +81 3-5354-0111

Travelers: if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, efficient hotel without all the added fluff, look no further than Hotel Century Southern Tower. Delivering on the essentials and reasonably priced, this is a wallet-friendly option for the determined adventurer. But no-fluff doesn’t mean sub-par quality. This awesome Top 10 Tokyo hotel features sharp, clean rooms with modern décor and great views of the city. Suite dreams, travelers. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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6. Mandarin Oriental

MAP   SITE   +81 3-3270-8800

Residing in the Chuo prefecture, this is super-cool hotel was an easy choice for our Top 10 Tokyo lodgings! Known for it’s extraordinary service and accommodations, this modern hotel also sports several varieties of restaurants for all kinds of eats. Serving up delicious complimentary breakfast and offering spa tubs in each of the 179 guest rooms, the Mandarin Oriental is all about the pampering. Orange you glad you chose the Oriental? Check in 3 PM, express check out. 

5. Tokyo Station Hotel

MAP   SITE   +81 3-5220-1111

This quirky Top 10 Tokyo hotel fuses a Renaissance-style building with upscale, Japanese flare (not your typical combo, but it works)! Housed inside (you guessed it) the Tokyo Station, you can get anywhere you need right from your room. This hotel accommodates both the business and leisure traveler and most guests stay there for that very reason. They even offer a free breakfast buffet in a beautiful atrium—you don’t want to miss this place! Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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4. Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

MAP   SITE   +81 3-3375-3211

Location, location, location! Housed in the Shinjuku prefecture, a stone’s throw from all modes of transportation in the city, and next to all the greats spots, entertainment is always in reach. This Top 10 Tokyo hotel is great, inexpensive, offers top-notch service, and has extraordinary access to everything: food, entertainment, trains, limos, shopping, all of it! The best part is that they offer 624 guest rooms so you and every person you know can all stay in the same place! Check in 2 PM, check out 11 AM.

3. Park Hotel

MAP   SITE   +81 3-6252-1111

This hotel is known for its fabulous location and view of Tokyo Tower and skyline, oh, and its gorgeous view of the ciy's parks of course. Located in one of Tokyo’s art districts, the hotel is ornate with design and artistic contribution. Also, a great bang for the buck! With reasonably priced rooms and restaurants inside, your wallet will be happy you chose this place. Come park it at the Park Hotel and let your worries fade away. Check in 2 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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2. Hotel Conrad

MAP   SITE   +81 3-6388-8000

Dominating the Top Ten Tokyo hotels is none other than the Hotel Conrad, housed in the Shiodome: an all-inclusive city. This self-contained metropolis includes everything from high-rise commercial buildings, Nippon Television, the Hotel Conrad Tokyo, The Ad Museum of Tokyo, restaurants, shopping, outdoor entertainment and so much more. The Hotel Conrad mirrors its home—its sleek, modern, and full of entertaining options. Try the China Blue restaurant for mouth-watering repas. Check in 3 PM, check out 12 PM. 

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1. Tokyo Dome Hotel

MAP   SITE   +81 3-5805-2200

How would you like to walk out your hotel room door and into an amusement park? Housed inside the Tokyo Dome, this eccentric Top 10 Tokyo hotel is a party you’re already invited to! The Tokyo Dome has something for everyone: an indoor baseball field, Tokyo City Dome Attractions (amusement park), LaQua Spa, Ten Q Space Museum, a bowling alley, a roller-skating rink, a concert hall, exceptional dining options, and more (if you can believe it). Come stay and you’ll never want to go dome. Check in 4 PM, check out 10 AM. 

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