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Top 10 Events & Nightlife in Tokyo

10. Suntory Hall


Attention classy travelers: if you’re looking for a dose of traditional Japanese performing arts—reserve tickets to a show at Suntory Hall. An acoustic beauty and stunning architectural feat, Suntory Hall hosts everything from operas to orchestral performances to theatrical masterpieces. The schedule is ever changing but no matter the show, you’ll be entertained with top-quality musicianship and direction. Come on in and get your culture on in this Top 10 Tokyo venue. Open daily 9:40 AM – 6 PM. 

9. Feria


If you like to mix it up while you’re out and about (depending on how many sakes you’ve had), then Feria is the place for you. This upscale Top 10 Tokyo nightclub extends the entire five stories of its building—five! Here’s the breakdown: first floor boasts sushi dinner and cocktails, second floor bumps R&B music and features a dance floor, third and fourth floors feature The Crystal—a sophisticated club experience, and finally the rooftop bar. Amazing. Open Tues – Thurs 7 PM – 5 AM, Fri – Sat 6 PM – 5 AM, and Sun 6 PM – 12 AM. 

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8. Genius

Alright you dancing fools, if the last club was indeed amazing and now you’re looking for another great Top 10 Tokyo nightlife experience, check out Genius: a night club for the elite. Just kidding, it’s for everyone to come and dance their tail off! This club is known for its uptown feel, so make sure to wear your sunday-go-to-meeting shoes and your dance pants!  Open Tues – Thurs 7 PM – 12 AM, Fri 7 PM – 12 AM, and Sat 8 PM – 12 AM. 

7. Womb


Residing in the heart of the fashion and hipster mecca of the world, Womb is a place to dance, drink, and to just have a great time. Filled with an enormous disco dance ball and a world-class sound system, Womb is known to host many standout DJs, so make sure to check out the schedule ahead of time! This Top 10 Tokyo nightclub was featured in the film Babel—come check it out and have the night of your life. Open Tues – Sun 10 PM – 6 AM. 

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6. Goodbeer Faucets


You may not know this, travelers, but Tokyo is a hotspot for spectacular craft brews. Who knew?! This rising star of a bar features over 40 microbrews on tap—now that’s a lot of beer! Try the BrewDog or the Green Flash for a new brewski experience or stick to the classics, either way you’ll be hoppy you did. This swanky Top 10 Tokyo brew house doesn’t just boast beer, the atmosphere is stylish, sharp, and makes you never want to leave. Open daily 5 PM – 12 AM. 

5. Trump Room


Stumping our Top Ten Tokyo bars list is the Trump Room, a strange, exhilarating, unexplainable place. Get ready to enter what is known as Tokyo’s “hipster playpen” (we aren’t even sure what that means, but it sounds trendy so you should probably be there). The place oozes glitter balls, stuffed animal heads, and mirrors in every direction—probably so the patrons can check out their outfits (which happen to consist of things like bunny ears, wigs, and military memorabilia). Need we say more? Open 10 PM until “late.” 

4. Ikebukuro


Located between Shinjuku and Shibuya stations, Ikebukuro is eclectic, young, vibrant, and nouveau. It is highly populated by millennials and speaks to that generation, although the energy, shopping and dining speak to all ages (if you can keep up with the pace, you trendy grandma, you). Known for its stores filled with varieties of manga and anime, this Top 10 Tokyo party district comes alive at night and allows for fun adventures at every corner. Very Soho!    

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3. Robot Restaurant

An elaborate 100 million dollar design houses the Top 10 Tokyo Robot Restaurant. Now, it’s not exactly what it sounds like…it probably isn’t a place for young travelers. This modern entertainment features a 90-minute show of robots grooving with highly provocative female dancers clad in neon lights and basically non-stop thrill and authentic entertainment. Honestly, we think you need to see it to believe it. Open Mon – Fri 5 PM – 11 PM and Sat – Sun 3:30 – 11 PM. 

2. The Blue Note Tokyo


There is no shortage of sassy jazz in Tokyo but the sassiest artists come to The Blue Note. Enjoy some of the world’s top performers featuring a mix of R&B and soul, all alongside irresistible drinks and dishes. Dinner stops 20 minutes after the performance begins (so the artists aren’t distracted by your loud chip chomping). There are reserved and free seats available for each show. Remember, there’s never a bad time for jazz hands at this Top 10 Tokyo nightclub. Open Mon – Sat 5:30 PM – 1:30 AM, Sun 5:30 PM – 12 AM. 

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1. ageHa

Get ready for a whole new level of party! While serving up top Japanese and international DJs, ageHa offers what few nightclubs can: numerous bars, cavernous dance floors, chill-out spaces, the best sound system in the city and even a waterslide! Party the night away in this high tech ravin' haven! Open  Fri - Sat 11 PM - 5 AM. 

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